Posted by: Donald Diltz | December 17, 2010

Free Professional Agent Websites, Listing Alert & Client Marketing Plans for SF Lakeside Agents

For 2011, agents in the SF Lakeside office will now have access to free Agent Websites, Listing Alert and Client Marketing Plans. 

These are tools to jumpstart your business in the 2nd decade of the new millenium.  Be sure to take full advantage of them.

This website application allows you to create a professional looking website in record time and to develop it into the unique electronic calling card that is a requirement for real estate business in the current market.  It can be integrated with CoreFact mailings and will be a perfect place for you to drive potential clients and your sphere of influence.

Listing Alert is a product that manages searches for clients in the most sophisticated way.  This is ideal for buyers; you can tell them that it is so up to date that they may see the listing before you do.  You can have them alerted to closed sales so they can develop their own internal sense of value when they see properties come through that they have viewed.  It is also ideal for sellers who have not decided exactly when or whether to sell.  You can place them on the alert so they are updated moment by moment with emails from you with the very latest market information.  It is also useful for your sphere of influence.  Offer them the opportunity to have a market recap sent to them for their surrounding area quarterly or, maybe, just annually.  Everything is flexible and easy to use.

Everyone knows that electronic prospecting is a long and arduous process.  You have to be consistent and persistent in contacting clients and leads that you have acquired via web contact.  For that matter, leads from open houses require the same patient approach.  This electronic system for keeping in touch with clients is NOT the complete answer.  You have to integrate personal touch including phone calls as well.  However, having a systematic contact system can get you well on the way to following up with clients in a reliable way.


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