Posted by: Donald Diltz | February 12, 2012

Linked-In? or Not for Real Estate? (25 Ways to Work It)

Cold Call? or Linked-In? You Decide!

Things are really beginning to settle out in the social media world as it relates to real estate.  The top dogs have figured out how to monetize their business and sustain themselves and even prosper.  And now real estate professionals can hunker down and figure out how to use them for the long haul.

Why use Social Media for Real Estate Marketing
Its very simple.  Your clients and prospective clients are present on social platforms and these platforms represent one more avenue to get noticed.

Which Social Media Platforms to Use

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked-In

How to Use the Social Media Platforms
Ultimately, real estate is a contact sport.  This is the central theme to our Coldwell Banker marketing teams approach to providing tools to agents.  The mission of client acquisition is served by many sources not the least of which is developing the techniques that permit you to be the absolute best agent your client can hire.  However, the sales function requires prospecting and prospecting requires contacts; social media are just one more way to contact.

Linked-In? (25 Ways to Enhance Your Linked-In Presence)
Some have said that Linked-In is a venue for those who are seeking jobs or employees.  And, taking that perspective, as a real estate sales person, we are seeking the job of representing clients, so it is a perfect venue.  It is a perfect place for displaying your history of accomplishments including former workplace incarnations that give your real estate career foundation.  Testimonials are featured in Linked-In and there is an easy process for both obtaining and showcasing them.  So, it seems as if Linked-In can be a perfect part of your social media activity.

For details on 25 specific tips to improve your use of Linked-In and make you a power user, check out this Business Week Article.


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