Posted by: Donald Diltz | May 22, 2011

Good News for Realtors, Sellers; Good News & Take Heed for Buyers

The Sacramento Bee reported further job gains in our state and, particularly, in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  Linked-In had the most successful internet IPO since Google.  This is what we’re looking for folks – improvement in the local economy.  Remember, real estate transactions ride on the back of this economy and things are looking sweet.

The Palo Alto real estate market is still reported as “on fire”, which is not surprising considering the cash available in the valley.  Linked-In will add fuel to that fire.  And there is always a Santa Ana wind blowing north to SF.  Moreover, SF’s mini silicon valley in South Beach is alive and well and growing.

Don’t get too excited, there will be a dismal report in tomorrow or the next day’s news to dampen the flame, but it looks like we are on a somewhat consistent ride into our next market.

Check out the Sacramento Bee by clicking here.


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