Posted by: Donald Diltz | August 15, 2010

Why Manage A Real Estate Office in San Francisco?

Yesterday was the 1 month anniversary of starting ths new gig; I decided I better get started sharing.

First of all, I wouldn’t want to manage just any office. Not to get overly dramatic, management of the Coldwell Banker SF Lakeside office is as good as it gets.

The SF Lakeside office is a star producer. Rick Turley ran the place for 10 years and is now President of Coldwell Banker for the Bay Area.  Gwen Tilling had the reins before that and she is renowned as the super star recruiter manager of the last century.   Tim Curran and Cathy Scharetg have managed the office most recently and both are consumate real estate professionals dedicated to the objectives of their clients.

What is it that makes it such a great office?
1. It is ideally situated with easy access to all parts of the city and bay area. Follow 19th Ave north or south to Marin or San Mateo; 280 gets easy access to the bay bridge and the east bay; Portola leads over the hill to downtown and Soma and 19th to Geary takes you to the Marina, etc.
2. Parking, in a city where parking karma is usually worth it’s weight in gold, is plentiful: meters, 2 hour zones and all day streets just a block away.
3. A diverse group of Agents who are knowledgable, productive, and dedicated to the best interests of their clients.

The list is longer, but you get the drift. 

Secondly, I feel as if this is what my professional life has been waiting for.  I’m highly educated (BA, Berkeley; MS Economics, U.Hawaii; MBA, Stanford GSB) and before real estate I had a lifetime of experiences (teaching, managing a ranch, international economics consulting in Korea, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leonne & Rome, Chief Marketing Officer Biotechnology – took it public, and CFO and COO of a 350 employee non-profit).  But as I was growing up, I always wanted to work in my Dad’s business – he had his own real estate company in West Denver – Diltz Realty.  So I started selling 15 years ago and now I get to share my experiences with great agents.

Finally, it is San Francisco, for heaven’s sake.  The most beautiful, diverse, stimulating, loving city in the world.



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